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Making Customers, Not Just Sales

We provide FEEL GOOD concierge services to people from all walks of life, all around the world. We research and recommend industry icon and innovative newcomer businesses just like yours, 24 hours, 7 days.

We’re making customers, not just sales. List your business with us and get access to thousands of concierge recommendations and referrals. Increase your market share and brand exposure by introducing your business to our global community of FEEL GOOD service members.

Free is GOOD. There are no fees to list your business with us. We do ask that you provide our members with special things that surprise and delight, like—free stuff, priority rates and reservations and upgrades—get creative, use your GOOD imagination. You see, we’re all about our members and what’s in it for them, for their GOOD health and happiness. Play a part in FEEL GOOD service. Pick your perk and watch your work orders pile up.

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Our e-magazine published quarterly, includes great articles delivered with fresh erudite writing, an eclectic mix of destinations, restaurants, interesting people, gift ideas & more.

Good Tales from the Head

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A Few Good Words

I have found that the people of Conciant are that rare breed of professional that routinely go the extra mile to solve problems and foresee others before they happen. They're also remarkable in that they are equally excellent communicators who actually return calls and emails promptly, and creative providers of top notch personal service.

When we looked for a concierge service for the millions of homeowners we serve throughout Canada, the US and Mexico, Conciant was the clear choice and resource for which we'd been looking for years. I trust them implicitly and use them constantly for my own concierge needs. They have provided extraordinary service no matter which method I select to contact them or where I may be located at the time. They truly perform beyond expectations.

Ronald Duprey
Senior Vice President
Associa - Delivering unsurpassed management and lifestyle services to communities worldwide.