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Good Information to Have

A. Select your preferred membership and complete the Membership Profile.
A. Conciant accepts all major credit and debit cards.
A. That depends upon the membership level you select. Urbanity Preferred and Essential membership fees are paid annually, or you may choose one of our flex pay options. Elements is our free membership.
A. With Conciant, all wishes, legal and ethical, are granted. Send an email to and ask your Lifestyle Concierge for assistance.
A. You select the time frame for service request completion. You have the option of selecting 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours or longer depending upon the urgency of the request.
A. You are not limited to one Lifestyle Concierge. You have a virtual army of diligent, outstanding Lifestyle Concierge - with Conciant, each and every Lifestyle Concierge provides the same high level of service and share the same knowledge base.
A. At Conciant we believe in managing expectations. The answer is not always yes, and the answer is rarely no. We strive to get you exactly what you want when you want it, and if we can't get exactly there, we try really hard to get close by finding an acceptable alternative.
A. All members of your household may use your complimentary Elements membership. If you participate in the membership upgrade program the level of membership you select determines who may be authorized to use your membership.
A. Visit, login and select a service from the drop down menu and complete the order. It's that simple! Or, if you prefer, send an email to or phone us toll free at +1 800 940 3612.
A. Conciant travels with you wherever you are in the world. All you need is Internet access to login to Login and select a service from the drop down menu and complete the order. It's that simple!
A. Simply ask! Your Lifestyle Concierge will ask you for credit card payment information at the time of each purchase, and can keep your information on file securely encrypted to refer to when making additional purchases on your behalf.
A. Conciant systems are Payment Card Industry ("PCI") compliant. The Payment Card Industry is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.
A. Conciant does not send you statements detailing purchases made on your behalf, rather, we let you know the amount being charged to your credit card at the time you submit your purchase service request. We also send you an email confirmation that includes the Request ID for easy reference.
A. Conciant is here to serve you. We strive to work with purveyors of quality products and services providing high levels of customer service. To the degree Conciant can facilitate a satisfactory solution for you, we will. However, any contract arising from your purchase of a product or service through Conciant is a contract between you and product or service request provider and not a contract between you and Conciant.
A. The membership upgrade program gives you the opportunity to participate in our exclusive expanded services menus at preferred rates. Need reliable pet care, home care, child care? With Urbanity Preferred membership, all wishes legal and ethical, are granted. Upgrade your membership online at by selecting the Membership Upgrade tab. There are three memberships available. Simply select Membership Upgrade from the services drop down menu in the Submit Request tab, complete the form selecting the membership that best fits your lifestyle, and submit to complete the upgrade. Or, if you prefer, send an email to or phone us toll free at +1 800 940 3612. Ask your Lifestyle Concierge about the membership upgrade flex payment program.
A. At the time of the membership upgrade, or over time if you choose our flex payment program for your membership upgrade.
A. Visit and retrieve your Username by selecting Forgot Your Username at the bottom of the login page.
A. Visit and retrieve your Username by selecting Forgot Your Password at the bottom of the login page.
A. The Request ID is a reference number used by Conciant to locate and track the status of each of your service requests helping us to serve you efficiently with time, always of the essence.


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A Few Good Words

I have found that the people of Conciant are that rare breed of professional that routinely go the extra mile to solve problems and foresee others before they happen. They're also remarkable in that they are equally excellent communicators who actually return calls and emails promptly, and creative providers of top notch personal service.

When we looked for a concierge service for the millions of homeowners we serve throughout Canada, the US and Mexico, Conciant was the clear choice and resource for which we'd been looking for years. I trust them implicitly and use them constantly for my own concierge needs. They have provided extraordinary service no matter which method I select to contact them or where I may be located at the time. They truly perform beyond expectations.

Ronald Duprey
Senior Vice President
Associa - Delivering unsurpassed management and lifestyle services to communities worldwide.