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Making Customers, Not Just Sales

The Conciant membership base provides us, and by extension you, with a substantial forum from which we collect and analyze market data. The key drivers that influence Conciant member's brand choices - answers to the very questions companies most need answered - are:

  • I want quality products and services at a measurably fair price.
  • I don't want to be marketed to. I want transparency and truth from merchandisers.
  • At the very least, I want the products and services I purchase to meet my expectations.
  • At most the products and services should genuinely deliver on the promises made.
  • I want the merchant to stand behind their product in terms of prompt, earnest customer service.
  • I want to deal with a principled company. One commited to producing a quality product by ethical means.
  • I do not want my buying experience to disappoint, anger or irritate me.

When the consumer is acknowledged as respected and valued, that consumer will come back. Customer loyalty is, to a significant degree, contingent on the customer's experience with a chosen marketer throughout the course of a purchase. Not surprising, this principle continues to apply far into the life of the product and service.

Conciant Concierges are intuitive, decisive, trained to hear (often in the subtext) what the customer is saying, and are well equipped to then deliver - within the appropriate framework, a seamless result in a timely manner.

That's GOOD Customer Care

  • Virtual home-based service delivery model.
  • 100 percent in-country | on-shore.
  • PCI Level 1 compliant platform.
  • Phone, email, chat and social media able.
  • Proprietary training systems.
  • Robust recruiting portal and processing.
  • Comprehensive reporting | data analytics | program performance.
  • Scalable.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Extraordinary value proposition pricing.
  • Reduce cost per contact and AHT.
  • Increase spend and first call resolution.
  • International recruiting pool.
  • 24/7 inbound and outbound concierge customer care.
  • Consultative sales | cross-sell | up-sell.
  • Customer service | product and order status inquiries | account status | merchandise returns | general enquiries and information.
  • Order processing and facilitation.
  • BPO and back office services.
  • Peak and overflow volume management | fast and efficient scalability for planned and unplanned fluctuation.
  • Customer welcome calls | registration | surveys.

I'm Interested


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Our e-magazine published quarterly, includes great articles delivered with fresh erudite writing, an eclectic mix of destinations, restaurants, interesting people, gift ideas & more.

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A Few Good Words

I have found that the people of Conciant are that rare breed of professional that routinely go the extra mile to solve problems and foresee others before they happen. They're also remarkable in that they are equally excellent communicators who actually return calls and emails promptly, and creative providers of top notch personal service.

When we looked for a concierge service for the millions of homeowners we serve throughout Canada, the US and Mexico, Conciant was the clear choice and resource for which we'd been looking for years. I trust them implicitly and use them constantly for my own concierge needs. They have provided extraordinary service no matter which method I select to contact them or where I may be located at the time. They truly perform beyond expectations.

Ronald Duprey
Senior Vice President
Associa - Delivering unsurpassed management and lifestyle services to communities worldwide.